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MealBox is on a Mission

In the United States alone, we throw away over 40% of food produced each year and we spend over $218 billion on perfectly good food that is never eaten. What's up with that? Our mission is to stop perfectly good food from being wasted, by helping partners sell their surplus food through our app.

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  • Super delicious!

    This app is just genius. I have never felt better about spending money on food as I have when I buy delicious food that would definitely have been thrown away. A great app with amazing potential, keep the new locations rolling in!

    by John McCurry, Nov. 2018

  • It is a MUST!

    Everyone must try it, MealBox is phenomenal and great for people who like to eat out and try different places at half price. I highly recommend people to take a look, I am always satisfied!

    by Sarah McManus, Oct. 2018

  • Game changer!

    Incredibly easy to use, this is an extremely good idea that you can discover food while exploring new great restaurants at a discounted price! MealBox is addressing a real issue in the US

    by Emily Brooks, Sept. 2018

  • Love the App!

    First experience, I arrived at a San Francisco bakery 5 minutes before closing, there was still a lot of food and I was not disappointed, the person who served me gave me A LOT of food for $3 instead of $10, what a bargain and I am so happy those delicious pastries didn’t go to waste!

    by James Hupin, Sept. 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s MealBox?

MealBox is a free app letting you discover food from local partners. Instead of throwing away their unsold food, restaurants will sell them with discounts of at least 50% off the original price. The best part? You’re also helping the environment!

Why would I eat food waste?

Don't worry, food on MealBox is still fresh! You're collecting unsold food that would have been sold a few minutes before but thrown away had you not discovered it before closing time.

How do I help the environment with MealBox?

Over 40% of edible food is thrown away in the United States. The impact of the food industry on the climate is devastating and the equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions from 1 billion cars annually. By purchasing surplus food with MealBox, you help fight food waste and protect our environment.

Is MealBox coming to my city?

Sorry we're not in your area yet! We're adding new stores all the time and always looking for great additions to come on board. If you've got any recommendations let us know or fire us an email to

My business wastes a lot of food. Sign me up!

That’s great to hear! Drop us an email to or sign up on our website and we'll get you rescuing meals ASAP.

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